Environmental Friendly Power Independence For Every Human Being The History Part Two

Since Nikola Tesla’s time others have independently experimented with the same technology in other ways.

In his book “The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats” 1978 edition, Thomas Henry Moray recounts his experiences with radiant energy and his radiant energy receiver. What follow will be excerpts from the original work, now titled “The Sea of Energy”. Radiant energy, the term Moray has used to describe that source of energy coming from the cosmos to earth and radiating from the earth back from whence it came.

This is the energy the Moray device captures and could be described as those particles of energy pervading all space. In the evolution of energy and the evolution of matter these particles of matter and energy (one and the same) manifest under certain conditions as pure energy and under others as pure matter. Radiant Energy from the cosmos, like radiant particles of matter, being composed of an infinitesimal quantity whose behaviours are described by mathematical equations similar to those used for describing electrical waves, keeping in mind to differentiate between wavelength and frequency.

Radiant Energy is particles of energy, just as light is wavelengths and particles are comparable to the electron and magnetron: a ring of negative electricity traveling in a vortex with the speed of light, streams of energy quanta, each quantum having energy and momentum where the electron revolves around the proton at a distance equal to the electron radius. To summarize: Radiant Energy as herein used is that energy existing in the aluminiferous medium of the universe, kinetic and exercised in wave transmission and rendered sensible by conversion of its energy into a detectable frequency. In the final analysis, Radiant Energy is a means of using the energy released by the fissionable reactions taking place in the stellar crucibles of the universe.

[p. 31] Henry Moray demonstrated that energy was available by its actions on a resistive load, such as a flatiron or a space heater, and by lighting lights. A resistive load is directly proportional to the amount of energy delivered to it. In heating a heater or lighting a light, the number of watts produced can be calculated as equal to the number of watts consumed. This energy is fed into a load to give either heat/light, or power. A motor can be operated but must be designed for high frequency.

The Radiant Energy device used an antenna and a ground connected to his solid state RE device… He was able to show that none of the energy came from within his device. Internally the device was electrically dead when it had not been connected and tuned to the antenna. When his device was set up, he could connect it to an antenna and ground, and by priming it first and then tuning it as he primed it, the device would draw electrical energy. This high frequency electrical energy produced up to 250,000 volts and it lighted a brighter light than witnesses had ever before seen. Heavy loads could be connected to the device without dimming the lights that were already connected to it. This device worked many miles from any known source of electrical energy. Such as transmission lines or radio. The device produced up to 50,000 watts of power and worked for long periods of time….

He assumed at first that this energy was electromagnetic in origin; however, he never claimed that it was electromagnetic in nature. He assumed at first that this energy came from the earth. But later he believed it was from the universe. Finally he began to believe that it was present throughout all space, intermolecular space as well as terrestrial and celestial space. He did not necessarily understand how his detectors operated, only that if he very carefully built the device according to his calculations it worked. He was able to demonstrate the existence of an energy that today, though it has not been identified or proven, has been theorized by many researchers…

[p. 32] As early as 1904, Nicola Tesla, experimenting with AC currents of high potential and high frequency, said: “Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point in the universe… Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static, our hopes are in vain; if kinetic — and this we know it is for certain — then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.”

[p. 35] The following is [excerpted from] a booklet printed about 1932, entitled “Brief History of Moray Radiant Device”: The largest instrument being about 6 inches high and circular in shape and about 8 inches in diameter… We went out on the roof of the chicken coop carrying the device on a small drafting board, erected an antenna upon the roof of the coop, the antenna being about 100 feet from the house. We pulled the main line switches in the house before going out upon the roof. Mr Judd had me move the drafting board from place to place and I also had him examine the inside of the coop for hidden equipment. I then put the machine together in his presence and the device was then started. Mr Judd timed me to see how long it would take to bring in the light. I was able to light-watt type CGE lamp to full capacity and also to heat to the sizzling point an old style Hotpoint electric flat iron that consumed 655 watts. Mr Judd asked me to take off the antenna. The light went out. It was connected again and the light reappeared. We drove a new ground at a spot selected by Mr Judd, made a connection over to a new ground and the light burned dim but came brighter and brighter as the new ground was driven deeper and deeper…

[p. 36] Whenever the ground or antenna is left disconnected too long the device becomes electrically dead and must be retuned in order to obtain the energy…

[p. 37] Dr Eyring found no fault with the demonstration and the worst that he could say about it was that it might be induction, but that if I would take the device out in the mountains away from all power lines, a distance of 3 or 4 miles, and it would then operate he would then acknowledge that it could not be induction and that his theory was wrong and mine right… At last they decided to go up Emigration Canyon, as there are no power lines in that canyon… All three gentlemen were very well satisfied and pleased with what they saw…

[p. 40] “The antenna wire was put up without any aid or instructions whatever from Mr Moray, except that he suggested that the wire be stretched tighter to prevent so much sag at the center. This was done and the wire then appeared to clear the ground by about 7 or 8 feet at its lowest point. The ground pipe was of 1/2-inch water pipe consisting of two sections. The lower section was pointed at the end to make its driving into the creek bed easy. It was about 6 feet long and after being driven down about 5 feet the second section, which was about 4 feet long, was screwed on with a wrench and the pipe further driven down until it struck a hard object… I judge about 7 feet of pipe was in the ground. The antenna wire was insulated from the poles with two glass insulators about 6 inches long and having holes in both ends. A piece of wire about 2 feet long connected each insulator with the pole. The lead-in wire was fastened to the antenna wire at a point about 10 or 15 feet from the east pole. I helped Mr Moray solder the connection[s]… I stepped the distance between the two antenna poles and estimated it to be 87 feet… Mr Moray’s equipment, aside from the antenna and ground wires, consisted of a brown box about the size of a butter box, another unpainted box slightly smaller, a fibre board box about 6″ x 4″ x 4″, which Mr Moray referred to as containing the tubes. And a metal baseboard about 14″ x 4″ x 1″ containing what appeared to be a magnet at one end, a switch near the middle and a receptacle for an electric light globe at the other end. There were also several posts for connecting wires on the baseboard… When all of the wires connections were made and everything was in readiness Mr Moray began tuning in. Before tuning in he placed the key on the post: he said it would be in contact with while the light burns but no light appeared. The tuning in consisted of stroking the end of a magnet across two metal projections protruding from what I referred to above as being a magnet. After tuning in for slightly more than 10 minutes the key was put on the operating post and the light appeared immediately… Mr Moray put the key on the operating post two or three times before during the tuning in operation but no light appeared… We allowed the light to burn for 15 minutes… The brilliancy of the light, a 100-watt globe… was about 75% as bright as a 100-watt globe connected to an ordinary house socket in my opinion. It was an even light, without fluctuations of any kind. While the light was burning Mr Moray disconnected the antenna lead-in wire from the apparatus and the light went out. He connected it again and the light appeared. He also disconnected the ground wire and the light went out. He then connected it and the light appeared again.”

[p. 42] [In another demonstration], — I [T. Moray] opened the device and let them see everything except one small part that I was able to place my hand over and hide in my fist. This part I cut off and put in my vest pocket. Everything else I let them examine to their hearts’ content. “If that part is able to make such power itself it’s some device and worth selling. Such a battery would be worthwhile”, were some of the remarks passed…

[p. 48] On several occasions Dr Moray would disconnect the antenna wire momentarily, but not long enough to lose the light. In disconnecting and connecting the antenna wire a flash of electricity could always be seen at the connecting point… For additional reading, pictures, and schematics of the device download key excerpts from The Sea of Energy

[p. 49] Salt Lake City, Utah, October 10, 1928 ~ To Whom It May Concern: Below is a report of my observation of the Moray cosmic energy device. The aerial used is about 200 feet long and is about 80 feet above the ground: the wire is a copper cable approximately a fourth inch in diameter, and well insulated. The ground is the water pipe in the basement of Dr Moray’s home. The device was assembled in a trunk through the sides of which were holes for the connections to ground and to the antenna and for observation; the said holes were about one-half inch in diameter. There were two boxes about 10 by 20 by 4 inches, one on top of the other; both were closed and the covers fastened with screws. On the upper box was lying an insulating panel about an inch thick by 15 inches long and 3 inches wide; it is of slate or hard rubber or some material of similar appearance. On this were two binding posts that were connectible by means of a small switch; also mounted on this panel is a body about 2-1/2-inches square, wrapped in friction tape, from which protrude two poles about 1/4-inch in diameter, apparently of sift iron. A double receptacle for light globes was connected in the circuit. In one of which was a 20-watt globe, and in the other a 100 watt globe… Dr Moray then took a magnet, which was a very broad, short limbed U, and began to stroke one pole of it on the poles in the taped body: Mr Jensen placed his fingers on the binding posts several times, and at last received a rather vigorous shock; Mr Moray then threw the switch and the globes lighted… As a further proof that the conversion of the energy was due to the mechanism in the box, Dr Moray hit the table on which the trunk was standing, a moderate blow with a hammer whereupon the light flickered and went off, due to the detector being shaken out of adjustment. The boxes in which the mechanism had been hosed during the test were opened and the contents examined; there were condensers, the detector, a transformer, and two tubes in them but nothing else, that in the least resembled a battery. It is to be noted that after a total run of 158 hours the device supplied 635 watts. Inasmuch as a horsepower is but 746 watts this equals 0.878 of a horsepower or slightly more than 7/8 horsepower. This alone is sufficient to dispose of any suggestion of a battery…

[p. 54] To All Whom It May Concern (June 25, 1929): It is now more than 2 years since I first became acquainted with Dr T. H. Moray and the work he is carrying on, and in that time he has demonstrated inventive ability of an exceptional order. Perhaps the most wonderful of his inventions is a device whereby he is able to draw electric power from an antenna. This energy is not derived by induction from power lines, as has been suggested by some, nor is it derived from radio stations, as has been demonstrated by taking the apparatus more than 26 miles from the nearest power line and over a hundred miles from the nearest radio station and showing that it operates just as well as anywhere else. This device was subjected to an endurance test in which it was operated continuously for a week, and at the end of that time a 100-watt lamp was lighted simultaneously with the heating of a 575 watt standard Hotpoint flat iron, making a total of 675 watts; it is very evident that no batteries could sustain such a drain as this. He has also invented a very sensitive sound detector whereby it is possible to hear conversations carried on in an ordinary tome of voice at a distance of several blocks. He has also worked out numerous radio hook-ups which eliminate many of the parts now considered necessary for good reception, yet there is no diminution in quality or volume; in fact, there is a notable elimination of interference from static when some of these are used. He has devised a means by which he is able to measure with some degree of accuracy the energy evolved during mental activity; that is, he gets definite, variable deflections of the needle of a sensitive galvanometer which appeared to be related to the vigour of mental activity. There are a great many other equally remarkable things that he has done, such as reducing old rubber from truck tires to the state of a viscous fluid which is readily vulcanizable without the addition of smoke sheet as is necessary with other processes; also a high frequency therapeutic device, and numerous other devices which show great ingenuity. Signed, Murray O. Hayes, PhD.

[p.55] You asked some questions at that time that I could not answer on account of my lack of knowledge, both of science and the detail construction of the machine of Dr Moray’s that we were talking about. There was one thing in particular that you asked about and that I know I did not make clear in my answer, and that was in regard to the setup of the six 100-watt lamps. You asked if they were set up in multiple or series, and this question was especially brought up as we were referring to the very small wire, which a N. 50, which I stated was used in connection with the operation of said lamps. Since my return to Salt Lake, I have gone over this matter and find that the 6 lamps are set up in parallel and the small wire is used as the current enters the tube prior to and connecting with the step-down transformer, this taking the terrific high voltage to the transformer. In other words, I am trying to say to you that this is a terrific high voltage, and we are using the word “terrific” because it has been demonstrated that this is an exceedingly high voltage because it will [jump] through an arc flash at least 6 inches and in excess. Another thing that you asked me about was the measuring of the voltage or amperage, and I know I did not answer to your satisfaction. However, I must now state “the frequency is so high that I have no instrument in my laboratory that is able to measure the amperage or the voltage at this frequency” Dr Murray Hayes has examined most carefully and knows the construction of Dr Moray’s machine, knows the theory in detail, has practically prepared the papers for patent applications… Now here is where things get interesting.

[p. 161] The original patent application was first filed in 1931. This application was rejected on a number of bases. First (Figure 17), “Because no means was provided for causing the cathode to emit an appreciable number of electrons, the current produced in the cathode by the antenna will not heat the cathode to a temperature at which an appreciable number of electrons per second are emitted” (In other words, according to Thomas E. Robinson, Commissioner of Patents, a solid state device, a transistor, cannot possible work). Second, because “No natural source of electric wave energy is known to the Examiner and proof of the existence of such a source is required”. In other words, it was not enough for Moray to demonstrate the effect of the energy source; he also had to identify it, which he could not do…

[p. 186] In 1942, shortly after World War II began for the United States, Henry moray attempted to rebuild a Radiant Energy Device, using the remaining bit of what was known as the “Swedish Stone”. This material, which was the heart of his original RE detector, he had never been able to duplicate, and the shortage of this material limited the amount of power he could draw. Consequently, in the large unit, he developed a second detector that forced him into extensive research involving nuclear materials and radioactive reactions. He became deeply involved in the study of synthetic radioactivity as described by Gustave LeBon in his book, The Evolution of Matter

[p. 188] The years slipped by and from time to time Henry and I would discuss his notes and go over the drawings. He spent most of his time [ca. 1950] working on what he called the “counter-balance” to eliminate the need for an antenna…

[p. 190] In fact, we have recently been informed that none of the original patent applications that Henry made are any longer available at the US Patent Office. Although their file jackets are there, the contents and applications themselves are gone… Government secured documents!

One might ask how and by what design has that happened?

Continued as Environmental Friendly Power Independence For Every Human Being The History Part Three or click “here”

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